Relationships Matter

Whether you hate networking or love it, relationships drive personal happiness and success at work. 

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Achieve your goals

As an individual, you understand that the success of what you do is dependent on how you work with, communicate with and treat others.

It's true whether you're an entrepreneur, a gig worker, the CEO of a multinational corporation, sales professional or the director of a non-profit.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

But how do you make the team work? By building genuine relationships and understanding. Of each other.

Perception and empathy are the building blocks of leadership, and great teamwork starts from inside each person.

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More than the sum of its parts?

Organizations are no more and no less than groups of individuals. But the human focus, intuition and value gets lost along the way, as organizations introduce more friction as they become bigger.

Too often, because of information silos, the collective knowledge that exists in an organization doesn't fully translate into value for the organization.


We're all in the sandbox

Finance-focused capitalism has driven amazing productivity gains in the 20th century. But for the 21st, we're coming to the realization that the sole focus on dollars doesn't give us the perspective to address the challenges we face as a society and as a planet.

We need to focus on the currency of relationships, not dollars in order to achieve a Triple Bottom Line.

  • Profits
  • People
  • Planet

It's about Stakeholders

We are building the next generation of tools to help individuals and organizations attain a holistic view of the stakeholder relationships that underpin their activities, spanning employees, customers, partners, suppliers, government and society.


Hate networking? Love it? Let us know.

Whether you hate networking or love it, you probably have realized that relationships drive personal happiness and success at work. 

Your answers will help shape future products and services.


All aboard!

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